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The French use the term “soigné” meaning carefully or elegantly done.  MjBrown homes are presented with this sense of carefully articulated beauty. Whether it is French elegance, Mediterranean, Italian, or a traditional style home, MjBrown’s experience and commitment delivers the home you expect with the quality you deserve.

The quality and design of a luxury home are fundamental in its long-term marketability and livability. Therefore, it is imperative that elevations stay true to the architectural heritage of the intended style. We also believe creativity is equally important to a home’s livability.   Our custom homes are designed and crafted with innovation, precision and accuracy, with unique design elements and an unexpected pleasure waiting around every corner.

From the very first turn of the soil, you’ll appreciate the MjBrown dedication to enduring quality and satisfaction. Although a new home should express visible excellence, it must also be more than just a pretty face. An architecturally significant home must be built to last with careful attention to structural detail. Incorporating site-specific soil reports to engineer foundations as well as the use of full piers as standard, MjBrown homes come equipped with the research and materials that provide maximum structural integrity.  While many cities require minimum engineered framing plans, the MjBrown standards exceed those of the National Uniform Building Codes.

In keeping with environmentally friendly building strategies, your MjBrown home will also incorporate energy efficiency as a fundamental objective. This goal is accomplished by utilizing energy saving mechanical and building systems, design considerations, and most importantly, high quality materials such as Techshield roof decking, Tyvek house wrap, the newest radiant heat barrier technology, and maintenance free clad wood windows with the lowest Solar Heat Gain Coefficient glass available.

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